The Washington Times - November 22, 2013, 07:52AM

President Obama’s approval rating has hit a new low in another survey, with 41 percent of Americans approving of his job performance in a new CNN poll.

The figure is his lowest in CNN polling, and his 56 percent disapproval rating is the highest he’s had in CNN surveys.

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CNN points out that Mr. Obama’s approval rating has hit or tied all-time lows in six polls over the last several weeks.

Though his approval rating did drop 3 percentage points since last month, it was sitting at 53 percent in May.

“The real damage came in June, when reports about NSA spying and IRS treatment of conservative groups caused an 8-point drop in his approval rating — a far more significant change than what the numbers from October suggest,” CNN Polling Director Keating Holland told the network.

Similarly disconcerting numbers for Mr. Obama come when people were asked who they think will have more influence over the direction the country will take in the next year. Fifty percent say Republicans in Congress and 42 percent say Mr. Obama.

A year ago, just after his re-election, more than six in 10 adults said Mr. Obama would have more influence. Back then, 51 percent said they wanted Mr. Obama to have more influence and 42 percent said Republicans in Congress. Now, 47 percent say Mr. Obama and 45 percent say Republicans.

“There is a hint of good news for the President — but only a hint — in those numbers, since that means that the number of Americans who support Obama in his struggles with the GOP is a bit higher than the 41 percent approval rating would suggest,” Mr. Holland said. “But that number is also a step down in Obama’s support, representing a 4-point decline since the last time the question was asked just after Obama won re-election last year.”

The CNN/ORC International poll of 843 American adults was conducted Nov. 18-20 and has a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.