The Washington Times - November 24, 2013, 10:23AM

If President Obama hoped to “tamp down the fire” over his health care law’s flawed rollout, he threw kerosene on it by deciding to delay the start of next year’s open enrollment period until after the midterm elections, columnist George F. Will said Sunday.

Republican lawmakers are crying foul over the administration’s decision to move the start date of 2014 open enrollment to Nov. 15 from Oct. 15.


The administration said insurers will need an extra month to assess the Obamacare risk pools after the current open enrollment period ends March 31 and then set rates for the next year.

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But critics such as Mr. Will say the rates will be set with plenty of time to spare before open enrollment in the fall.

SPECIAL COVERAGE: Health Care Reform

“It’s transparent, and it’s silly on their part. It’s bad politics,” Mr. Will said on “Fox News Sunday.”

SPECIAL COVERAGE: Health Care Reform