The Washington Times - November 27, 2013, 08:08AM

The Obama administration is walking a fine line as it reaches its self-imposed deadline to get the federal Obamacare website working properly, touting its new capabilities while urging supporters to show restraint this weekend so the portal is not overwhelmed again, The New York Times reported.

Additionally, the newspaper reported that the administration is holding off on an Obamacare marketing campaign this December to avoid a crush of users.

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Nonetheless, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius urged supporters on Tuesday to check out the new and improved, saying it is on track to be much better than it was during its October debut.

Officials have said the website should be able to handle 50,000 users at the same time, but it worries that more could overrun it.

“Our concern is that we want to make sure that people have the right expectation going into this,” said Jennifer Palmieri, the White House communications director, in The Times report. “Early October was a frustrating experience for users. We are preparing for the outcome that we have as many or more visitors as we had on Oct. 1.”