The Washington Times - October 30, 2013, 01:07PM

As lawmakers have pointed fingers and asked exactly who is responsible for the flaws in, one Democratic strategist believes President Obama will take responsibility when he speaks in Boston on Wednesday afternoon.

“I’m sure the president is going to take ultimate responsibility. As the leader of the country, he sort of has to,” Jamal Simmons said Wednesday on MSNBC.


Mr. Obama should handle the issues with the Obamacare website in the same way he’s handled previous disasters like storms, Mr. Simmons said. That includes putting someone in charge of figuring out a solution, bringing in outside experts to “steady the ship” and providing regular updates to keep the public informed. That should shift the public eye from the flawed website to the law’s successes, he said.

“The entire system seems to be OK in terms of bringing down health care costs … it’s just the website is screwy,” Mr. Simmons said.