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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaks at a campaign fundraiser in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Poll: Romney losing edge on economy

Americans are growing increasingly optimistic about the economy and see President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney as equally capable of overseeing its recovery, according to a poll released Wednesday.

President Obama boards Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., en route to New York on Sept. 18, 2012. (Associated Press)

Republicans point to Obama 'redistribution' video

Seizing on an old clip of Barack Obama saying he believes in wealth "redistribution," Republicans are trying to shift into offense after spending a day struggling to mitigate the political fallout of the release of a secretly recorded video of Mitt Romney disparaging 47 percent of the American public as "victims" who don't pay taxes and depend on government.

** FILE ** Actor Clint Eastwood addresses an empty chair at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., on Thursday, Aug. 30, 2012. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Eastwood: Obama 'actually seems very charming'

Legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood found himself in the headlines after the final night of the Republican National Convention last month for his impromptu performance in which he debated an invisible President Obama supposedly sitting in an empty chair next to him.

Mitt Romney (left) and Donald Trump stump in Las Vegas in August. (Associated Press)

Trump: GOP 'should be winning in a landslide'

One-time possible presidential candidate Donald Trump had some harsh words for President Obama on Monday morning, but he didn't hold back on Mitt Romney either, saying that given Mr. Obama's performance on the economy and foreign policy, Republicans should be winning "in a landslide."