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Same-sex couples now can marry at the Washington National Cathedral, but the first such wedding may not occur for six months or more because of scheduling issues. (The Washington Times)

National Cathedral dean speaks out for gay marriage

While an American conference of Catholic bishops is marching in favor of preserving the traditional definition of marriage, the dean of the Washington National Cathedral is calling on the Supreme Court to extend marital rights to same-sex unions as well.

Sandy Stier (left) and Kris Perry of Berkeley, Calif., hold hands Monday by the National Archives. Tens of thousands of gay-marriage advocates and opponents are expected to be in the District this week. (Associated Press)

Politicians make their presence known on same-sex marriage

First, President Obama announced his "evolution" on same-sex marriage. More recently, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a statement of support for gay couples, and Sens. Claire McCaskill, of Missouri, and Mark Warner, of Virginia, said approving same-sex marriage was "the right thing to do."