The Washington Times - August 27, 2008, 11:54AM

You know I had my doubts about Hillary Clinton’s ability to accept losing the Democratic Party’s nomination and supporting Barack Obama. It appeared to me that she felt she was entitled to the nomination and that she and her husband Bill, would subtlety try to undermine Obama’s campaign. And, I think for a while that was the case. Well it appears that she has moved on and I hope Bill Clinton will as well. We will see when he speaks tonight.

Hillary’s speech last night erased all doubt about the sincerity of her support for Obama. She stepped fully into her role as a senior stateswoman by asking her supporters to put the party above the candidate. Some talking heads feel that she fell a little short by not talking about Obama’s readiness to be Commander-in-Chief after constantly questioning it during the primaries. Perhaps she could have done more on that subject because she is the one that exposed this supposed weakness.  Remember the ad with the phone ringing at three in the morning.

Now why am I talking about this? Most of you guys have cable and saw the speech. Well let me tell you why. If Hillary suddenly switched and basically said that she felt he was ready to be Commander-in-Chief, how authentic would that have been? So I applaud Hillary for her authenticity. If she had said anything else it would have been disingenuous.

Authenticity is what many American’s feel is lacking in our leaders and politicians. They feel that it’s all about the sound bite and doing whatever is required to get votes. So it was important for Hillary to be authentic last night. I think Americans want a leader who is not overly cautious and sticks by his or her beliefs and does not act based on what the latest polls or pundits say. By being so authentic and positive, I think Hillary’s star shines much brighter today.

There is strong evidence that voters are maturing and not being duped as much by clever ads and expedient rhetoric. They are searching for authenticity. Authenticity is what propelled Obama past the rest of the democrats in the primaries and the same can be said for McCain.  If Obama wants to win, he needs to recapture the authenticity that he exuded during the primaries. Well known pollster John Zogby said about McCain and Obama that, “you have a battle between the two genuine things, and it will be interesting to see if either, or both, of those candidates can maintain that authenticity.”

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