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A Polite Challenge

I am concerned about how more on edge uncivil people seem these days. I believe that something should be done to bring awareness to this behavior. Maybe President Obama could appoint a Secretary of Civility. Since that is not likely, I have a proposal.

A Polite Challenge

I firmly believe that something needs to be done to bring a more civil standard of behavior back to our communities. Let's declare May 14, "Polite Day". On this day, I want you to pick five strangers and engage them with a simple polite or kind word.

Managing your Internet identity is critical!

Research shows that a growing number of employers surf social media sites like facebook, Twiiter and Myspace to conduct background checks. So be careful about the personal statement you make with your social media accounts.

Our patience is what Obama needs

Right now, all The President-elect has to offer until he is sworn in is hope, inspiration and a glimpse at his judgment by his cabinet choices and the conduct of his transition.

Let's join the polite patrol

I want to live in a country again where some of our lost ancient traditions and practices are resurrected. The traditions that I am talking about are simple things like saying "Good morning" with a heartfelt smile and meaning it. Or, how about "Excuse me" when you bump into someone or step on their shoe accidentally in an elevator or subway.

Savor the flavor and embrace the change!

New residents in city neighborhoods across the country foster fear and anger among old residents. Those that have a true sense of community building should not to let the fear and anger prevent positive and balanced community change.