The Washington Times - July 13, 2008, 09:56AM


  I have a crazy idea. Let’s have a day where we celebrate our uniqueness. That’s a change huh. Think about it. We find so many ways to celebrate and focus on how much we are alike. So why not have a day where we would focus on just how unique we are as individuals. We could call itAuthentiday.” 

On “Authentiday” we would put our authentic personas on display for all to see.  Chris Rock said, that when you meet someone for a first date you are meeting his or her representative. (I santitized the quote a little.) He’s right! We all have a packaged-persona that we present so we can be more acceptable or appealing to others. This does not only apply to dating. It probably applies to most of our interactions.

We probably spend so much in our packaged-person that we might be in danger of displacing our authentic one. I have heard that some actors can spend so much time playing a particular role that they actually begin to think they are the person they are portraying.

Can this happen to those of us who spend so much time in a packaged persona? Absolutely! I wonder what Freud would have say about that?  Look, The Creator put some good stuff or very unique and individual gifts inside each of us. And, when we access those gifts, we are our higher and best selves. Also, the world becomes a better place because these are the gifts The Creator wanted us to bring to the rest of mankind.

So for one day, I am saying let’s be our true selves. Let’s show the world who we really are. Now if you think your authentic persona is too much for us to handle, we’ll take your word for it. And trust me, we would rather you stay in your role if that’s the case. But, I think we all have a positive authentic persona that the world could benefit from. Henry David Thoreau said, “When we bring what is within out to the world miracles happen.

So let’s celebrate “Authentiday” Hey! I didn’t say when we should celebrate “Authentiday” did I?  Uh let me see. I think it should be everyday. What do you think?



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