The Washington Times - June 4, 2008, 06:56PM

Now that Obama has clinched the nomination and his contest with Hillary has come to an end. I want you to know that it really bothered me how the issue of race was reported and discussed by the media and pundits in this election. All you heard and read about was how the hard working Whites voted overwhelmingly for Clinton and African American voters for Obama. But there was little talk about Whites who voted for Obama and African Americans who voted for Hilary. Wasn’t that a topic worthy of more discussion? I certainly think it was.

I will tell you why there was little talk about it. You see, we are preoccupied with race in this country. The media likes to talk about our racially divided country. They think it’s what we want to hear and see. And, they are right, because no one seems to complain. Many politicians use it as a wedge issue to keep them in power.

I think this is a fantastic and historic story where an African American is the Democratic nominee.  I also think it’s a big story that both Hilary and Obama, no matter how much or little, got votes from all types of voters Black, White, Latino, old, young, etc.

Look at the facts. Hillary got a fair share of the African American vote in New York and Ohio. There were many African American leaders who supported her and many White leaders supported Obama. Obama won states like Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Oh and let’s not forget Iowa, the state that put him on the way to securing the nomination. These states barely have any African Americans at all. Hey! This is good news people. Let’s talk about it. It shows that America is growing and evolving beyond centuries of being preoccupied with race and the sacred words of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are ringing truer than ever.

So to the media, politicians and all the others who operate from a fear-based paradigm, I say stop it.  The voters have proven you wrong. And, please take note that America is really evolving on the issue of race. Based on Obama’s victory, there is strong and compelling evidence that racial attitudes are changing for the better and perhaps forever in this country.  So stop stoking the racial fires that have divided this nation for so long and support the change that is occurring before our eyes. This nation is healing as it relates to race.  Why not embrace and nurture it? It’s good for us and good for the world.