The Washington Times - October 12, 2008, 11:50AM

As this presidential campaign season wanes, I grow weary by the day of the barrage of messages from McCain, and Obama and their running mates. I am also tired of the talking heads and pundits that have to fill twenty-four hours of air. Yet I watch faithfully each evening to see who said what and get the latest perspective from whoever. Yes, Election Day can’t come soon enough.

I guess what you are really hearing from me is that I am tired of the campaign process. And, I am sure many of you are.  I am tired about how they are conducted and the ways candidates are packaged, presented and ultimately covered by the media.  To buttress my position, who can tell me that the last debate on Tuesday night was anything less than boring or good background noise for a sound sleep. These campaigns are too scripted and so is the coverage. The candidates and the pundits seldom stray from the script or their party line. If you don’t agree, let’s talk.

I have an idea or a suggestion for both the McCain and Obama campaigns to consider. Let some non-partisan senior statesman randomly select five homes in several states. The selected families should come from a prescreened list of undecided and independent voters, with an appropriate mix of ethnicity, income, religion, education, age, employment status, etc., all factored in.

Then let McCain and Obama visit each family wherever they are and have an up-close intense dialogue with them in their homes. Of course the networks would carry these visits live. Also, there would be some pre and post assessments taken regarding the views of the families on key issues and the candidates.

My friends (as McCain would say), this is Reality TV at its best with a political spin. Think about, no controlled rallies or interviews where you hear the same tired messages played over and over again. Under my suggestion, the candidates will be removed from the big stages and from behind the podiums and meet face to face with some voters in their homes. Now that’s grassroots campaigning!

I know there might be some flaws in my plan, but you get the point. And, that point is,” voters are tired of this campaign“. If you don’t believe me ask your friends. I hear it all the time.  This political season has been too long. These presidential campaigns start earlier each election cycle. This one started almost two years ago. So if we have to listen to these candidates for close to another month, they should spice up the process a bit. Do something real and different. Let me know what you think.



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