The Washington Times - September 2, 2008, 09:28AM

Before you read the rest of this post today, I want to assure you that I, Jay Speights really am the author of the following words. “I am proud of John McCain.” Okay I said it. Now let me tell you why I am proud of him.

I am proud of him for having known that Governor Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol, was pregnant and still selected her as a running mate. It should not have mattered because it is a personal and family matter and should be dealt with in that context. My only hope is that some members of the evangelical, pro-choice and pro-life communities will not use it for political gain. I certainly hope the McCain and Obama campaigns don’t either. And the media, I guess that includes me, should let the story drop. Bristol’s baby deserves to be born with dignity.

Look I am sure that there are thousands of families in this country with teenage daughters who are pregnant. So perhaps the Palin family can serve as a role model for them by demonstrating how a loving and supportive family can help a young girl deal with a pregnancy.  Maybe the entire country can show their support for them by not allowing Bristol Palin’s pregnancy to be used in the never ending pro-choice vs. pro-life debate. All we have to do is turn a deaf ear to those who will try to use this story for political gain or a good sound bite.
You know, the men and women who seek public office are not angels and we should not want them to be. Furthermore, we should not hold them or their families to higher standards of behavior as well. They are humans who share the same weaknesses and frailties that we have. And, they make mistakes in life. Perhaps, this is why some of our best and brightest are not seeking public service.

Finally, you can say whatever you want about Governor Palin and her politics. I find very little that I can agree with her about. However, she seems to have a real family with real problems.  You know, I like a politician or leader who has experienced some of life’s basic problems. It’s authentic and they can say, “I feel your pain“, and mean it.

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