The Washington Times - September 4, 2008, 10:27AM

Yesterday on this page, I discussed Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol and her pregnancy.  I said, “perhaps the Palin family can serve as a role model for other families who have teenage girls that are pregnant by demonstrating how a loving and supportive family can help a young girl deal with a pregnancy.”  I said this because I felt that as a mother she would not use her daughter’s condition for political gain. As a father of two daughters, I certainly hoped that would happen. Well now I have to tell you that I was wrong.

I could not believe my eyes when I watched John McCain arrive in St. Paul yesterday for The Republican National Covention and saw Bristol and the father of her baby, Levi, on hand to greet him. Now you might ask why this shocked me. I was shocked because it now appears to me that Governor Palin wants her unborn grandchild to be used in the never ending pro-choice vs. pro-life debate and the main attraction in a media circus. If this were not the case, then she would keep them out of the political and media spotlight. Instead she is parading them before large TV audiences and crowds.  As a result of this, Bristol and Levi are all over newspaper and magazine covers and now, even late night comedians are offering their insights about them.  Yes, the “Baby Palin Circus” has begun and it is sad.

Look, a teenage pregnancy is a serious family matter. It is a family crisis that requires attention and proper handling to ensure that the girl, boy and baby involved have a shot at living a full and rewarding life. The way Sarah Palin handles this family crisis will provide us with good insight into her character, judgment and ultimately her fitness to lead. So far I am not impressed.

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