The Washington Times - December 22, 2008, 08:56AM

Some notebook cleaning from Sunday’s Redskins 10-3 win over the Eagles at FedEx Field. …

Coach Jim Zorn brought up the 19-17 loss to the Rams in game six after four straight wins among the regrets of this season. “There are a couple of games we are going to look back on and be very frustrated about for years to come in a year like this,” he said. “I can look back and see how we fumbled three times in the Rams game. We had a chance to win last week (against the Bengals) and we didn’t. So there are a couple of losses there that you get real frustrated about or we could be in better shape than we were.. But we deserve what we are getting because we didn’t earn the right.”


The Rams loss was far worse than the loss to the Bengals, who were playing at home and had been playing good football going into the Washington game. The Redskins gave away the Rams game and with it the momentum of the season. They were 4-1 going into the game with St. Louis. They went 4-6 after that, including the loss to the Rams.

* Antwaan Randle El, like Santana Moss the week before him with the shoe-shining after a touchdown catch, showed again how clueless players are when it comes to perspective. This is a guy whose punt returns have become a source of ridicule. It is as if he has two invisible feet that he trips over after taking four or five steps. Yet after finally taking a punt return 36 yards with about five minutes left in the game Sunday — not for a score, mind you — he jumped up and into the air, waving his fists and celebrating. I’m surprised he didn’t trip and fall on the way down.

* Santa Claus ain’t what he used to be at Redskins game. Years ago, Redskins owner George Preston Marshall would helicopter Santa onto the field at Griffith Stadium at halftime for a Christmas show. On Sunday at FedEx Field, Santa was driven around the field for one lap on what looked like a maintenance cart. He was in the tunnel, though, when the game ended to greet Redskins players as they came off the field with a “Merry Christmas.”


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