The Washington Times - January 19, 2009, 12:30PM

Arizona vs. Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl is hardly marquee matchup, but generally the Super Bowl is such an event that it has a power all its own, no matter who is playing. The Steelers are a national presence, and the Cardinals have Kurt Warner, who is a star with a good story. And who knows, given the past performances of so-called great matchups that turned out to be duds? This may be a great game, if the Cardinals can protect Warner.

Washington Redskins fans will likely be pulling for the Cardinals — the NFC team, and a team that the Redskins defeated this season, so they can at least say their team beat the Super Bowl champions. That may be more frustrating than satisfying.


Another angle, though, is pulling for Cardinals offensive line coach Russ Grimm. The former Hog has four Super Bowl rings — three as a Redskins player and one as a Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line coach. This one would give him five, which I believe is the most of any Redskin player or coach.

As far as who has four, the only one who comes to mind is comical — former Lions director of football disaster Matt Millen. He got one when he was with the Redskins for the third Super Bowl championship, plus two with the Raiders and one with the San Francisco 49ers.

- Thom Loverro