The Washington Times - January 9, 2009, 05:50PM

Did a bang up job last weekend in my NFL playoff predictions, losing three out of four. If I had a 900 number, it would be 1-900-CAN’T-WIN. But my lone pick that won, the Baltimore Ravens, is at least my pick to make it all the way to Tampa for the Super Bowl. And I believe they will stay on that path with a win on Saturday over the Tennessee Titans.

The Ravens should be rooting for the Steelers to beat the Chargers, a hot team with a quarterback in Philip Rivers who could give Baltimore some problems. The Ravens came so close to beating the Steelers in the two times they met this season — the first loss in overtime, the second one coming in the final minute of the game. I subscribe to the notion that it is hard to beat a team three times in a season, especially when the games are that close.


In the NFC, I think we are heading for a rematch of that brilliant Sunday night game several weeks ago — the Giants vs. the Carolina Panthers — with the Eagles and the Cardinals sent packing (though there is a part of me who would love for the Eagles to go on and win a Super Bowl, just to hear what Philly sports talk radio would be like the next day).

As I stated last week, it is worth watching these games with a Redskins point of view if you are a Washington fan. Watch Joe Flacco (they are wacko over Flacco in Baltimore). Put Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell in his place. Do you think Campbell would have at least the same success? Better? Worse?

I think Campbell would flourish with a surrounding cast like the Ravens. So maybe the question about Jason Campbell should not be whether the Redskins should re-sign him as he goes into the final season of his contract, but if Campbell even would want to remain a Redskin when better opportunities may exist elsewhere?



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