The Washington Times - March 4, 2009, 06:41PM

Hulk not hurt. Hulk can’t be hurt. Hulk play? You’ll see.

Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau recently referred to Alex Ovechkin at the Incredible Hulk after Ovechkin got mad in a game and seemed to play harder. At the Kettler Ice Complex Wednesday, Ovechkin seemed to take on that character. After a puck seemed to hit him in the foot during practice, Ovechkin was clearly upset, smasking a couple of sticks as he came off the ice and went into the locker room. Later, he said it did not hit him in the foot, but in the blade. But it was hard to exactly figure out if he was hurt or not, given he spoke in Hulk-like fashion.


When he was asked if he was okay, Ovechkin said, “Probably, yeah.” And when he was asked exactly what happened, he said, “Nothing. Just slapshot and I didn’t see the puck.” A

s far as if whatever happened to him will affect him playing Thursday against Toronto, when asked if he expected to play, the Hulk answered, “You’ll see.”

I doubt if we will see Bruce Banner on the ice Thursday. I fully expect to see the Hulk.


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