The Washington Times - February 3, 2008, 04:04PM

\ Greetings from the University of Phoenix Stadium, where the Super Bowl is less than three hours away.\


\ The photo is a view from myself and columnist Dan Daly’s seat in the press box. This box was built with this game in mind — it’s gigantic. Three rows of roughly 65 seats apiece … and plenty of room to move around. They got it right.\

\ The field looks incredible. It looks like FieldTurf but it’s natural grass. I’m sure Grass Guru George Toma is getting plaudits from the league for his work. But, seriously, how bad can you screw up a field in which you can wheel is out of the stadium and into the sun?\

\ The field workers are doing something I’ve never seen at an NFL game. They’re “dragging” the field like you would “drag” an infield. Not quite sure what they’re trying to accomplish.\

\ Traffic getting from downtown to the western part of the Phoenix area was minimal — nothing compared to last year’s debacle in Miami where traffic was so bad, fans were getting out of their party buses to urinate on the side of the freeway. Luckily, we saw none of that this time around.\

\ Several players from both teams are on the field but unlike the Redskins, whom I can recognize, I can’t tell who’s who. The fact that both teams are wearing red shorts multiplies the problem.