The Washington Times - January 29, 2008, 08:32PM

\ — Giants fullback Madison Hedgecock trying on a pair of red high heels courtesy of singer Kellie Pickler.\

\ — Patriots receiver Donte Stallworth joking about going on E-Bay to sell the boot that protected quarterback Tom Brady‘s injured ankle last week.\


\ Said Stallworth, “Tom Brady, best-dressed guy. MVP Tom Brady. That Tom Brady? And it’s a Gucci boot, too. That’s what y’all don’t know.”\

\ — Patriots offensive tackle Matt Light holding forth on his favorite movie, one that’s older than he is. Light was discussing guard Logan Mankins’ bushy beard, which he referred to as “disgusting only because he doesn’t believe in shampoo,” when he decided that Mankins could have been in the flick.\

\ “A little Brian Keith from ‘The Mountain Man’ ” Light said. “You never saw it? Brian Keith, Charlton Heston. [Made in] 1972. You should get it. It’s a classic. It’s the story of two guys out in the mountains, dealing with all the Indians, trapping, they’re bonding. It’s the real deal. Mankins would be one of them. I could be the other one. We could remake that.”\

\ The idea of Brian Keith and Charlton Heston making a movie together is just plan weird. Unce Bill and Mr. French, fine. But Uncle Bill and Moses?