The Washington Times - December 22, 2008, 06:09AM

The British Medical Journal has debunked five holiday health myths, including the one that says sugar makes kids hyperactive, LiveScience is reporting.

Among the debunked myths: wearing a hat keeps you warmer (actually heat doesn’t escape from the head faster than any other body part) and eating at night makes you fat (calories collect regardless of when you eat).


I’m not so sure about the science of all this debunking.  I’ve done double-blind, cross-pollinated, super duper research, and I’ve found that if I give my kids a carrot, they’re calm.  But give them a bowl of Sugar Smacks, and I’m peeling them off the ceiling.

I always feel warmer wearing a hat in the cold, although I rarely go out wearing only a hat.

And accumulating calories at night?  Well, let’s just say my bathroom scale doesn’t lie.  Dang it.