The Washington Times - December 31, 2008, 06:30AM

Caroline Kennedy’s favorite verbal filler — “you know” — during her recent first interview is garnering some negative attention in her bid to be appointed a U.S. senator from New York, the AP is reporting.

In a 147-second stretch of the interview, Kennedy uttered the phrase “you know” 30 times — about once every five seconds.


You know, that’s a lot of “you knows.”  But, you know, saying “you know” a lot doesn’t have any bearing on what you know, you know?  You know what you know, you know?  It’s just that, you know, you don’t communicate it very well.  You know?

On the other hand, you know, being able to communicate well is, you know, a big part of being a senator.  Senators, you know, make big speeches all the time and, you know, sometimes people are listening.  So a lot of “you knows” might turn off some people, you know?

So, you know, that is a conundrum, you know?  But, you know, it shouldn’t, you know, necessarily reflect, you know, on her qualifications, you know, to be a, you know, U.S. senator.

You know?