The Washington Times - November 29, 2008, 08:34AM

Two new studies show that left-handed men earn 5% more an hour than right-handed men, the Daily Mail is reporting.

The possible reason cited in the studies suggests that left-handed men have better brains than right-handed men.


Left-handedness is rare, attributable to about 7% of the population.

In countries and cultures around the world, left-handedness has been linked to evil.

Ancient Chinese people knew the left side as the “bad side.” The word “sinister” derives from the Latin word meaning “left.” In Hebrew, the left hand was equated with the power to shame society and was considered a punishment from God.

We should consider this ancient wisdom before we hire more left-handed men.

[Full disclosure: I am right-handed.]

[Fuller disclosure: My sister is left-handed and thinks she’s so superior!]