The Washington Times - April 23, 2009, 05:43AM

Scientists have found in northern Canada the fossil of creature that was part otter, part seal and had webbed feet that weren’t flippers, the BBC is reporting.

They say the carnivore is a “missing link” in the evolutionary chain, revealing how sea creatures became land animals.  Scientists say the creature likely walked on land and swam in fresh water.


The missing link is seal with feet?  Better not let Sasquatch know.  He’s still pretty ticked off about those beef jerky commercials.

So this animal’s webbed feet make it a missing link.  If that’s true, then somebody had better take a closer look at what’s going on between Michael Phelps’ toes.  I’m just saying.

To me, this creature sounds like a platypus, which isn’t a missing link.  It’s just a freak of nature.