The Washington Times - February 11, 2009, 09:36AM

The owner of the marijuana pipe Olympic star Michael Phelps was photographed using tried to sell the bong on eBay for $100,000, WIS-TV is reporting.

The bong is now in police custody. Its owner and seven other people in Columbia, S.C., have been arrested on drug charges stemming from frat party the swimming champion attended. Phelps was not one of the eight arrested.


You see, this is why they call it “dope.”  It makes you do some stupid stuff.  Someone most likely to use a bong isn’t going to pay $100,000 for one, and someone most likely to collect celebrity memorabilia is going to wait for the police auction.

I wonder how much he tried to get for the bong water.

The only way you can get $100,000 for the bong Michael Phelps used is if Michael Phelps is still attached to it.  Or one of his gold medals.