The Washington Times - February 13, 2009, 09:56AM

George W. Bush is scheduled to give his first major speech as a former U.S. president to an audience of 1,500 in Calgary, Canada, next month, the Globe and Mail is reporting.

The event is being organized by the city’s Chamber of Commerce, which declined to divulge ticket prices. Bush is expected to talk about his eight-year tenure in the Oval Office.


Public speaking is often a lucrative enterprise for former presidents.  The Canadians plan to pay Bush in maple syrup.

Bush had more than a few awkward verbal moments as president, but the Canadians aren’t likely to notice any slip-ups he might make in speaking to them since they don’t speak American.

Former presidents often like to “state their cases” in foreign countries.  And you can’t get much more foreign than Canada.  Nope.