The Washington Times - February 27, 2009, 08:59AM

Scientists have proposed placing a 100,000-square-mile “sun shade” in orbit above the earth to combat global warming, the Telegraph is reporting.

University of Arizona professor Roger Angel devised the $350 trillion project and says it could be launched in 20 years. It calls for trillions of tiny mirrors to be blasted into orbit to deflect the sun’s rays.


Angel says he already has secured money from NASA for a pilot project.

Roger that, Angel.

At first I thought this story might be a hoax, but this Angel dude, who is an astronomer, apparently has been working on and talking about this project for a few years.  Who knew?

I thought all the fuss about global warming was over manmade “contributions” to greenhouse gases, not heat from the sun.  I have some concerns about blocking sunlight.  Just look at my lawn.

I mean, once we get the mirrors up there, will we be able to “turn them off” when the temperature falls?  Or will we have to launch a giant hammer to smash them?  That would be, like, 700 trillion years of bad luck.

Angel’s plan would cost $350 trillion.  That’s trillion, with a “T.”  Now that’s a stimulus plan, if I ever heard one.