The Washington Times - February 4, 2009, 07:23AM

Two of President Obama’s nominees for critical government jobs have withdrawn their names from consideration because of problems with their taxes, Christina Bellantoni is reporting.

Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle removed himself from consideration for secretary of Health and Human Services, and Nancy Kilfer dropped out as chief performance officer, a new position aimed at rooting out wasteful spending and inefficiencies in the federal budget.


Obama blamed himself for the nominees’ failures. “Did I screw up? Absolutely,” he told NBC. “I’m willing to take my lumps, that’s part of the job.”

The nominees’ withdrawals over tax problems have tainted Obama’s efforts to create a drama-free administration.

Well, all of this isn’t really “drama.”  It’s more like a comedy … of errors.  A sad little comedy of errors.

We’ve seen this before — leaders in politics and business getting into trouble because they owe thousands of dollars in Social Security, income and property taxes.  The problem is they make too much money.  We should pay them less — for their own good.

Nancy Kilfer was going to be the chief performance officer, and the first thing she does is remove herself because of her tax problems.  Now that’s performance for you!

Daschle looked like a shoo-in for health secretary — even the Republicans liked him.  Don’t count on them doing that again.