The Washington Times - February 7, 2009, 09:35AM

A backlash is developing against Kellogg’s over the food manufacturer dropping its endorsement contract with Michael Phelps after the Olympic swimmer was photographed smoking marijuana, Jennifer Harper is reporting.

Phelps fans and pot smokers are calling for a boycott of Kellogg’s products, some of which are snack food favorites among marijuana users with the munchies. In a petition, the boycott advocates note the eccentric lifestyle of the company’s founder, John Harvey Kellogg.


Phelps, who has apologized for his transgression, has been slapped with a three-month suspension by USA Swimming.

His situation has generated debate about marijuana laws, his fitness as a role model and the commercialization of athletes.

I don’t expect the boycott to last long among the pot smokers for three reasons: 1.) Kellogg’s has the best munchies, 2.) pot smokers forget easily, and c.) um … what was I talking about?

With all the hubbub over the photo of Phelps using a bong, I just hope there aren’t any pics of him shooting up smack.  Then it REALLY gets nuts.  Not likely to spark a petition drive from heroin users, though.  They tend to be lazier than pot heads.

Phelps had a DUI charge when he was 19, and now he’s caught smoking pot at 23.  That just goes to show you that alcohol is a gateway drug.