The Washington Times - February 9, 2009, 01:52PM

ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” is including three felons in its lineup of celebrity dancers to give the show an air of unpredictability this season, USA Today is reporting.

Former linebacker Lawrence Taylor, rapper Lil’ Kim and “Jackass” “actor” Steve-O — all former felons — will join a cast of celebrity dancers that includes pop singer Jewel, actress Denise Richards and comedian David Alan Grier.


“Once you have someone with one leg, a deaf person and an 82-year-old, it’s hard to push the boundaries,” one of the show’s producers said. “An air of wildness doesn’t hurt.”

Producers already are preparing for next season’s cast, which will include Taliban and al Qaeda operatives.  They know how to bust a move.

The producers were considering having an “all-felons” show but decided against it at the last minute.  They said it would have been too exploitative.  So they’ll hold on to that idea for next seasoon.

I’m glad they came up with this felon idea after O.J. was locked up.  You know he would have done it — and said he was looking for the real killers.

This show is starting sound less like a dance competition and more like an exploitation film.