The Washington Times - January 12, 2009, 06:15AM

The world’s first flying car — the Terrafugia Transition — is preparing for its first test drive/flight next month, Times Online is reporting.

If the test for the two-seat roadster, which converts into an airplane in 15 seconds, succeeds, the manufacturer says it could be ready for production and sale in about 18 months.


At last somebody is living up to the dream of the 21st century!  The flying car is supposed to be what this century is all about.

If flying cars really take off (pardon the pun), will it be a case of one size fits all?  Or will you see the flying station wagon, the flying pickup truck, the flying minivan and the flying sport sedan?  Can you imagine the flying Hummer?

When flying cars become the norm, where will cops pull you over?

I like the idea of the flying car, but the idea of parallel parking in one scares me.