The Washington Times - January 2, 2009, 11:23AM

Snowy communities across the country are looking to reduce their rock-salt bills by using other ingredients for deicing such as molasses, ash and garlic salt, the Wall Street Journal is reporting.

Public works officials have found that molasses works well as a deicer — and as a means to slow traffic in congested areas. They also have noticed that squirrels gain weight — as much as 60 pounds — in areas where molasses is scattered on the ground.  There may be a connection.


Garlic salt works well as a deicer, and it’s cheaper than rock salt, which is a little surprising since you have to add garlic to the salt to make garlic salt, but you don’t add rocks to salt to make rock salt.

Anyway, garlic salt is not a perfect solution.  Officials have found that the scent of garlic tends to make people hungry for Italian food — and that’s a LOT of pizza, my friend.  But that drawback is balanced by garlic salt’s tendency to discourage driving by vampires, and we can all benefit from that.

As it currently stands, ash is the cheapest deicer out there.  The only problem is getting enough smokers to light up every day.