The Washington Times - January 20, 2009, 09:24AM

At least 200 airline passengers have been convicted of felonies under the Patriot Act for behavior such as using profanity and raising their voices, prompting some security experts to say the airlines are misusing the law, the Los Angeles Times is reporting.

The Patriot Act was enacted to prevent terrorists from hijacking planes or attacking flight crews. But many of the 200 passengers convicted under the act had engaged in activity that involved talking loudly, using foul language, excessive drinking or being overly amorous.


None had tried to hijack their planes or attack the crew.

It’s news like this that makes you hesitate to ask for that extra packet of peanuts in flight.

Next time you fly, do not complain about anything until you reach your destination — unless you want to do some hard time.

This is just the airlines’ way of improving customer satisfaction.  You got a problem with that?