The Washington Times - January 23, 2009, 07:36PM

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has returned her pricey campaign duds to the Republican National Committee, which apparently has placed them in trash bags at RNC headquarters, the conservative Web site New Majority is reporting.

Reports about Palin receiving $150,000 worth of clothes from the RNC for her vice-presidential bid created a big stink on the campaign trail, and everyone promised the clothes would go to charity.  Instead, they’re in the trash.


An RNC spokeswoman says the clothes eventually will be inventoried and “dispersed to charities.”

Hasn’t the RNC ever heard of renting stuff?  Or leasing stuff?  Or renting with the option to buy?  Either way, they would have saved some cash.

I just hope they didn’t buy retail.  Wholesale is the way to go.

Maybe the RNC will save the clothes — for Palin’s 2012 presidential bid.

Can you imagine a homeless person wearing one of the skirts Palin wore during the campaign?  No?  Can you imagine seeing one of those skirts on eBay?