The Washington Times - January 23, 2009, 11:57AM

Reporters are getting irritated about White House access in the fledgling Obama administration, Politico is reporting.

Journalists are upset that only four reporters were allowed to witness President Obama’s retaking of his oath of office — and only White House photographers were allowed to photograph it.


Also a CBS newsman is upset that ABC, which paid millions of dollars to host the D.C. Neighborhood Inaugural Ball, was granted the only Inauguration Day interview with President Obama — likening it to a “pay for play” situation.

Hey, what’s happening here?  I thought everybody was supposed to be “in the tank” for Obama and this was going to be the most open administration in history.  It’s only Day 4!

CBS had better watch those “pay for play” charges or else Rod Blagojevich will want some of that action.

C’mon, really.  How important is it to see the president be sworn in?  It’s not like it’s in the Constitution.

I think ticking off the press corps is a part of running an administration.  Necessary?  Maybe not.  Unavoidable?  Definitely.