The Washington Times - January 24, 2009, 01:05PM

Cops in upstate New York have broken up a drug ring that was selling heroin branded with President Obama’s name, the Smoking Gun is reporting.

“Obama” was stamped in red ink on small plastic wrappers that were sold by street dealers.


The Smoking Gun is calling the case “The Audacity of Dope.”

Kinda adds a new layer of meaning to “Yes we can,” doesn’t it?

Apparently this heroin makes you feel as if you are the most powerful person on earth, all of your enemies lay vanquished at your feet and the entire world is in love with you. But it has a down side: You also feel like you’re living under constant guard — with your mother-in-law.

I’m really curious about this.  Did the buyers think the heroin they were purchasing was “endorsed” by Barack Obama?  They must have been really HIGH! 

I never saw that commercial: “I’m Barack Obama and I endorse this contraband.”

Those drug dealers could have branded their dope “Blagojevich”: “One hit of this, and you feel like you can get away with anything.”