The Washington Times - January 28, 2009, 05:47PM

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich will give a closing argument before the state Senate at his impeachment trial, the Chicago Tribune is reporting.

The Senate has been meeting on whether to throw the two-term governor out of office. Blagojevich has not attended any of the proceedings and instead has been on a nationwide media blitz to defend himself.


Here are some excerpts from Blagojevich’s closing argument:

“Good morning, senators, friends and all the rest of youse.  I stand before you as a humble public servant in a kangaroo court that is railroading a good Samaritan out of the gravy train that is the governor’s office.  I say, ‘Shame on youse.’ “

“What is it that I’m accused of doing?  What?  Of coercing people to make campaign donations to me in exchange for special treatment?  What, is that illegal?  Youse guys know it ain’t.”

“I have been trying to keep taxes low and provide affordable health care to the people of this great state, and youse guys want to crucify me for it.  Crucify me just like Braveheart.  Well, you may take my office, but you’ll never take my freedom!”

“This is not a cat on my head.  It’s my real hair.”

“I’m gonna beat these federal corruption charges against me, and when I do, I’m gonna come back and haunt youse guys.  I’ll bet you’ll wish you’d never crossed paths with me.  I’ll take 5-to-3 odds on this but no points.”

“I’m out of order?  You’re out of order!  The whole system is out of order!”

“All of this will go in my memoir, which will go on sale in November for $24.99 hardback.  Order now.  It’ll make a great stocking stuffer.”