The Washington Times - January 5, 2009, 09:32AM

Australians are being advised to eat kangaroos and camels in an effort to reduce damage to the environment, Agence France Presse is reporting.

Nearly 1 million wild camels, which are not native to Australia, are wreaking havoc on the environment. And kangaroos produce much less methane gas than flatulent cattle do.


I didn’t know you could eat camels or kangaroos.  Never really thought about it before now.  I’ll never look at a camel or a kangaroo the same way again.

For some reason, “Winnie the Pooh” leaps to mind — all those episodes with Kanga and Roo take on a different meaning if Christopher Robin is hungry.  At least Piglet and Rabbit can breathe a little easier.  The pressure is off.

I wonder if camel and kangaroo will be on the appetizers list or the entrees list at Outback restaurants.  Either way, I think I’ll stick with the Bloomin’ Onion!