The Washington Times - July 17, 2009, 06:45AM

Since scientists have discovered that shellfish can feel pain, people around the world are debating how to cook lobsters humanely, the Atlantic is reporting.

New Zealand includes shellfish in its animal rights laws, and at least one Italian town bans throwing live lobsters into a pot of boiling water. Meanwhile, Brits electrocute lobsters.


It seems to me that if you’re worried about hurting the lobster you’re planning to eat, you’re not really that hungry.

Of course, if you’re really squeamish about killing a lobster, you could wait for it to die a natural death — between 80 to 150 years. Now THAT’s a diet to die for.

With all this debate over how to kill a lobster, I’m glad that I don’t have to resolve any ethical concerns about my favorite food — bacon.