The Washington Times - July 9, 2009, 06:18AM

A letter by six House Democrats says CIA Director Leon Panetta testified that the CIA has misled Congress since 2001, a claim the spy agency disputes, Politico is reporting.

The Democrats demand that Panetta correct a statement he issued about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi being briefed on waterboarding. He said it is not the CIA’s “policy or practice to mislead Congress.”


It’s not the CIA’s policy or practice to mislead Congress — it’s their mission! The CIA is all about keeping secrets. Duh!

Nobody really wants Congress to get its hands on sensitive, classified documents. We don’t know what they’d do with the stuff. Some would probably show it off to their mistresses, and the others would try to use it as campaign material.

One thing’s for certain. Nobody in Congress would bother to read the stuff. Heck, they don’t even read the stuff they write themselves — for legislation.