The Washington Times - July 9, 2009, 09:05AM

The White House misspelled President Obama’s first name in a recent press office release, the Hill is reporting.

In the release, the press office said an arms-related agreement between Obama and Russia President Dmitry Medvedev was signed by “Barak Obama.”


Probably not the kind of change Obama called for during the campaign. More like a “c” change.

The president noted the misspelling of his name — and blamed the previous administration.

The misspelling leaves out a “c,” but in using fewer letters, it helps reduce carbon emissions and ease global warming.

Now there’s talk of dropping the “O” in the president’s name, but the University of Alabama might have something to say about that.

One wag has commented that Obama’s first name is spelled that way on his birth certificate — probably because there are no C’s in Kenya.