The Washington Times - June 16, 2009, 06:33AM

CBS has walled off eight homes in an Atlanta suburb as part of a new reality TV show tentatively callled “Block Party,” the Live Feed is reporting.

The families in the homes will be forced to interact with each other and compete for prizes during their three-week stint inside the 20-foot, prison-like walls.


The idea is a real-life takeoff of “The Simpsons Movie,” where the town of Springfield was encased in clear dome.  Because nothing says “reality TV” like a cartoon family.

CBS already offers “Big Brother,” where 10 people are trapped in a house together.  Isn’t that enough of the reality imprisonment theme?  What’s next, CBS’ version of Abu Ghraib?

If CBS comes to your neighborhood with an idea for a reality TV show, do yourself a favor.  Move.

You see, the problem with reality TV shows isn’t that they bring out the worst in people.  It’s that they’re intended to bring out the worst in people.  I guess that’s entertainment.