The Washington Times - June 23, 2009, 05:44AM

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, who had been missing for several days, has been hiking along the Appalachian Trail to “clear his head,” the AP is reporting.

Sanford’s spokesman said the governor needed to get away after the legislative session and ditched his security team, but his aides and lawmakers still don’t know exactly where he is. Even his family didn’t know his whereabouts through the Father’s Day weekend.


State politics criticized Sanford’s behavior as “erratic.”

In this case, “erratic” might be too soft a term. Let’s try “odd,” “strange” and “downright freakin’ weird.”

Somebody should tell Sanford that when someone tells him to “take a hike,” it’s not a literal directive.

Sanford didn’t tell his family where he was going to be on Father’s Day. Guess he was serious about wanting some “me time” for a Father’s Day gift.

Actually, politicians go missing all the time — but usually after losing an election.

What Sanford’s disappearance really means is that now there is one less Republican contender for the 2012 presidential nomination. One down, 37 to go.

This disappearing act may kill his chances at being president, but it puts him in a good position for vice president.