The Washington Times - June 3, 2009, 05:58AM

CNN is agog over its new national poll that has found there is no front-runner for Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and Mitt Romney were supported by 21 percent of those surveyed. Newt Gingrich was backed by 13 percent of those surveyed, and Jeb Bush by 6 percent.


Golly, it’s already June 2009, and there’s no front-runner for the Republican nomination — in 2012?  Somebody’s dropped the ball.

Wasn’t Hillary Clinton the Democratic Party’s presumed front-runner three years prior to the 2008 election?  That worked out well.

If the Republican Party doesn’t know right now who will likely win the nomination three years from now, I guess that means it’s another four years of Obama-time, huh?  I can hear them warming up the second inaugural band already.