The Washington Times - March 10, 2009, 06:39AM

A male chimp at a Swedish zoo set aside rocks that he later threw at visitors, proving that animals can plan for future events, the BBC is reporting.

The chimp, named Santino, chipped away at weakened concrete to produce his missiles, stored them in a cache and later hurled them at bystanders.  A researcher said this behavior shows that apes “consider the future in a very complex way.”


So chimps can plan for the future, huh?  Well, how does Santino’s 401k look?  Because mine looks like crap, and I could use some help.

I always thought the “Planet of the Apes” movies were science fiction flicks, but now it looks like they were futuristic documentaries.

I wonder what the other animals are planning.  Probably global domination.  All this time I’ve been worried about machines becoming sentient and taking over the world, when I really should have been worried about my neighbor’s dog.  Well played, Rex.  Well played.

Animals can make plans?  There’s too much roadkill for that to be true.