The Washington Times - March 13, 2009, 10:19AM

Joaquin Guzman, leader of the Sinoloa drug cartel in Mexico, has captured a spot on the Forbes list of billionaires, the Times Online is reporting.

Guzman, whose cartel is embroiled in a drug war with other drug traffickers, is believed to have amassed $1 billion following a surge in cocaine dealing last year.


Sure, Guzman is on the Forbes list of billionaires, but his drug cartel isn’t even on the list of the best companies to work for.  The pay is good, but the benefits are skimpy.

Forbes once listed drug lord Pablo Escobar as the seventh richest man in the world.  He was killed in a shootout with Colombian police.  In Guzman’s line of work, that’s known as the retirement plan.