The Washington Times - March 2, 2009, 01:52PM

Hugo Chavez’s doctor has order the Venezuelan president to stop talking, Reuters is reporting.

Chavez, who has been known to orate for more than 5 hours on a good day, is nursing a sore throat, and his doctor has ordered his silence for three days.


Oh, if only other things in life could so simple, prescribed by primary care physician:

• “Mr. Burris, I suggest you let your fever pass before you make a decision on this Blagojevich nomination.”

• “Wait until the medication has worn off before making any public speeches, Governor Jindal.”

• “No, these are not Tic Tacs, Mr. Rodriguez, and I still don’t recommend your taking them.”

Given a choice among capitalism, democracy and silence, Chavez’s least favorite is — silence.