The Washington Times - March 2, 2009, 11:18AM

Recipes for guacamole have helped the Food Network reap double-digit revenue increases during a particularly brutal first quarter for media companies, Advertising Age is reporting. enjoyed a 44% increase in advertising revenue in January, mostly because of viewers searching for guacamole recipes for their Super Bowl parties. The website accounts for about 8% of the company’s annual revenue, which is a big chunk, compared to other media companies.


The media business has been hit pretty hard lately, and this is really good news for Food Network.  But I don’t think you’ll see guacamole recipes in Popular Mechanics anytime soon.  At least, I hope not.

In an economic downturn, it’s good to be in a food-related business because no matter how bad things get, people still gotta eat.  And what are they going to do with all of their avocados anyway?