The Washington Times - March 22, 2009, 01:18PM

Katrina Brown Hunt has an article posted at Yahoo! Travel about some of the world’s strangest laws — and she has found some doozies:

• Germany’s autobahn is known for the high speeds its motorists achieve because the highway has no speed limit.  However, it is illegal to stop on the autobahn.  It is illegal to run out of gas on the autobahn.  And it is illegal to walk on the autobahn.


So the next time you’re on the autobahn and you’re about to run out of gas, do yourself a favor.  Don’t stop.

• Canada has a law that limits the use of coins in paying bills and debts.  If something costs $10, you can’t use a lot of coins to pay for it.  And if something costs $25, you can’t even use the country’s $1 coins to pay for it.

The Canadian dollar is called the loonie, and I’m beginning to see why.  Legal tender ain’t what it used to be.

• In Denmark you must always drive with your headlights on — to distinguish your vehicle from a parked car.  I would think that the vehicle I’m driving would be distinguished from a parked one by the fact that mine is moving.

If someone asked me, “Is that car parked?” my question to them would be “Is it moving?” not “Are its lights on?”

I’ve been driving for only 30 years, so I might have missed a few things.  But I have always been able to spot a moving car.  I could probably make a killing as a Danish driving instructor.