The Washington Times - March 24, 2009, 06:57AM

AIG is aiming to rebrand itself by changing its name, Reuters is reporting.

Workers removed the AIG sign at the company’s Manhattan office, which has been renamed AIU Holdings Ltd.  And AIG’s American automobile insurance operation has taken its old name, 21st Century.


The insurance giant is trying to quell outrage over its federal bailout packages and “generous” executive bonuses.

This is weird.  Just a couple of days ago I suggested some new names for AIG.  I hope they’re not reading my blog.  Their feelings might get hurt.

Renaming the company is a good move because people will forget all about those bonuses that were paid for with their tax dollars.  Yep, forget all about it.

It looks like they put their brightest bulb in charge of the name change.  “Let’s see, instead of AIG, let’s go with AIU.  They’ll never know the difference.”