The Washington Times - March 24, 2009, 11:14AM

A Japanese astronaut on the International Space Station is testing a clothing prototype that is flame-resistant, anti-static — and stink-free, Reuters is reporting.

Koichi Wakata is testing a line of clothing called J-ware that was created by textile experts at Japan Women’s University.  The clothes are designed to kill bacteria, absorb water, insulate the body and dry quickly.  And look good doing all that.


J-ware could allow astronauts to bring fewer clothes on space flights.  Japan’s space agency plans to make the clothes available to NASA and other space station partners.  A commercial line is being developed.

So you could work out in these clothes and then immediately go out on a date without changing, and your date wouldn’t be able to tell.  Um, that’s an improvement?

Hygiene is a touchy subject for some people — and not touchy enough for others.  This new line of clothing will level the playing field.

Just think, if that NASA astronaut who drove from Texas to Florida to confront her boyfriend’s girlfriend a couple of years ago had been decked out in J-ware, we wouldn’t have had the diaper story.  And where would the fun have been in that story?